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Sunday, August 18, 2013


Instructions from Central Government to all Restaurants.

ONION UTAPPAM khane walo key liye PAN CARD compulsory hai.!!
Few Onion tales:

* There was a time when people cried only while chopping onions. Now they cry even while buying onions

* Thappad se darr nahi lagta hai sahab, PYAAZ ke bhav se lagta hai..

* Friend Bought 3Kg onions. He's the new hero of my society. Also updated Facebook status and tagged 349 friends

* The Lays Cream n Onion flavor is gonna be just cream

* Now I know that she is really crying because she can't afford onions

* Rupee is falling, onion price rising. Union Bank of India should change to 'Onion Bank of India

* Waiting for a movie titled "Onion Kapda Makaan".

* There are only two kind of Indians. One who can afford Onions and other who cant.

* Heard Sonia gandhi has deposited 100 KG onions in her swiss bank account.

* Thieves steal 5 KG onions from a posh Vasant vihar house.

* Onion hits 100 rupee mark in 3 days. BLOCKBUSTER! - Taran Adarsh

* That awkward moment when Onion Rings are getting costlier than diamond rings

* "Yaar, such a show off Pyaaz is. Main 'batata' hoon." - Potatoes

* बाबुल की दुआएँ लेती जा, जातुझको सुखी संसार मिले ... मायके की तुझे न याद आए, ससुराल मे इतना "प्याज" मिल

* Namak swadaansuar aur Pyaaz aukatanusar

* Boy to vendor: 3 kilo pyaaz Dena.
2 aunties talking behind him , ladka achhe ghar ka lagta hai, apni Pinky ke liye kaisa rahega...

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